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Ars organi Sloveniae
- science and art of Slovenian pipe organs -
Notes on the eco-ethical mindset
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Priority projects

Portative Organ in the Late-medieval Cultural Context of Alpe-Adria Region

Organs by Slovenian masters Worldwide
Priority projects

Disenchanted reverence - From observing and experiencing to respect for nature in oral and literary traditions

Through nature of protected areas, an enviroethical field guide book

Concurrent and derivate projects

Organ terminology

Multilayer functional methodology in musical/organological iconography

Medieval portative organ depictions – database building

Slovenian organ bibliography

Early development of manual and pedal keyboards on a crossroads of Central-European and Mediterranean traditions

Henri Arnaut’s portative depicted

Geometrical perspectives and symmetries of depicted medieval organs
Concurrent and derivate projects

Eco-anxiety in traditional fairy-tales

Scientific consensus as a base for the new ethics in Francis’s Laudato si’
Long-term engagement

Pipe organs in Slovenia – database management

J. G. Kunath as a linkage between Saxonian and Slovenian organ landscape

Križman/Chrismann birth 300-years celebration

Bioorganology – The interaction of the human body with musical instrument and the stage with audience

Long-term research

Grounding environmental ethics and biodiversity preservation in natural processes and interrelationships

Hierarchical mosaicking as a method in natural-phaenomena data-management
Minor engagements

Ecce organvm! professional journal

Other projects

Identification key to bryophytes – development of dichotomous and matrix identification key for mosses and liverworts of SE Alps

Environmental dictionary (natural and social sciences and humanism)
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Professional bibliography 1989 - 2022

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Orgle Slovenije - Pipe organs of Slovenia

GeOrganum project
Društvo Jarina Bohinj - Jarina Association
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First Slovenian feature film V kraljestvu Zlatoroga (1931) by Janko Ravnik

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